terça-feira, 23 de março de 2010

in english

Take me, wind of detachment, slow me wich paths will be traversed by the pursuit of freedom. I do not want to belong to this material plane, do not want to hurt people on negative feelings.
I want resulting emotions ones that cause me chills of absolute satisfaction. Constantly desire to be loved, I want to be needed.
The tears run down to me, are packed with healing and bring me intense inner peace. That peace is conducive to the world. Let the world be happy and the life, easier. Dá-me maturidade para enfrentar situações difíceis.
Makes it possible for me to just tell myself to solve my problems and headaches. Allow me life, I always up for a fall, to stronger the time of the fall.
Wind take m to the sky, slowing the meaning of life. I fly with the birds and listen to their songs. Kill me personal pleasure. Show me your secret. Show me your understanding. I want to sing, visit nursing homes and donate Christmas gifts to children discredital.

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